Monthly Archives: May 2016

Big Changes for the Rare Book Room

Boatwright’s Special Collections are growing, but our space is not.  So, beginning on May 2, the Galvin Rare Book Room will close until July 1st, in order to create new spaces for research, reading, and instruction.  The rare book room itself with remain as is, but the ante room will open into the adjoining study room to become a reading and research area. This will allow us to close the rare book room, and add more shelves, making room for our burgeoning collection.

The two study rooms remaining on B1, and adjoining the new reading room, will be redesigned as a classroom with audio-visual equipment.  This will allow us to accommodate larger class sizes, and provide more types of instruction.

As sad as it is to lose the wonder of walking through the rare book room shelves and handling their treasures, this new arrangement will allow us to accept and house more collections.  It will also enhance what we are able to offer our students and professors.  So, keep watching this space for the unveiling of the new face of the Galvin Rare Book Room.